Where’s Fergus?

I put my little white dog, Fergus, somewhere in all my books, so whenever you read one, see if you can find him. Sometimes he’s really easy to spot, other times he’s really hidden. Below are pictures of most, but not all, the times he’s appeared (sometimes he shows up more than once in the same book). One time I wrote a whole book about him called Good Boy, Fergus!, so that one doesn’t count. How many can you find?

Can you match them with the books below?

A. The Acrobat and the Angel
B. Alice the Fairy
C. A Bad Case of Stripes
D. Bizzie Mizz Lizzie
E. Bugs in My Hair
F. David Goes to School
G. David Gets in Trouble
H. It’s Christmas, David!
I. Duck on a Bike
J. Duck on a Tractor
K. Gold!
L. Grow Up, David!
M. Hiawatha and the Peacemaker
N, How I Became a Pirate
O. Jangles
P. Mr. Nogginbody and the Childish Child
Q. Mr. Nogginbody Gets a Hammer
R. No, David!
S. Pirates Don’t Change Diapers
T. The Rain Came Down
U. Robot Zot
V. Roy Digs Dirt
W. The Shark God
X. Too Many Toys
Y. The Real Fergus
Z. Not the Real Fergus (It’s Roy!)

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